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Dealing with activity failures

Question asked by franck102 on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by franck102
Hi, we are trying to create management UI around process failures and we are running into two specific issues. This is in the context of numerous historical and long-running processes, so all queries must be paginated.

The fisrt issue is that the act_ru_job is the only table that has a trace of the failures (exception_msg_), but it doesn't have anything too useful to sort on (as far as the user is concerned). So if the process has been running for year it is going to be really hard for the user to locate today's failure. Wouldn't it make sense to add a failure timestamp (or end_time_ or something) to that table?

The second issue is that while the DefaultHistoryManager recordActivityStart call inserts a row in act_hi_actinst as soon as the activity starts (at the FULL audit level which we are using), the failures causes a transaction rollback and there is eventually no entry actually written to the DB.
The consequence is that for a failed activity the only information we have in the DB is a BPMN act_id, which isn't very useful to the user.
I am considering having recordActivityStart run in its own transaction, any guidance on how to properly implement this?