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'ActivitiException: Unknown property' usinig Call Activity

Question asked by alef on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by alef
Hi all,
I'm using a Call Activity element in order define a reusable process definition which is common to several process.
This subprocess try to execute an operation, an in case of failure it retries the action until success.
The problem is that after some retries the following exception is thrown:
org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: Unknown property used in expression: #{msisdnLockManager.lockMSISDN(action)} 

Invocation of msisdnLockManager.lockMSISDN(action) method works for some times before have the exception.
As you can see below
bean  is correctly declared and passed to

<bean id="processEngineConfiguration" class="org.activiti.spring.SpringProcessEngineConfiguration">
      <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource" />
      <property name="transactionManager" ref="dbTransactionManager" />
      <property name="databaseSchemaUpdate" value="true" />
      <property name="asyncExecutorEnabled" value="false" />
      <property name="asyncExecutorActivate" value="false" />   
      <property name="jobExecutorActivate" value="true" />      
      <property name="beans">
            <entry key="msisdnLockManager" value-ref="msisdnLockManager" />
            <entry key="wfCreateOrder" value-ref="wfCreateOrder" />

   <bean id="processEngine" class="org.activiti.spring.ProcessEngineFactoryBean">
      <property name="processEngineConfiguration" ref="processEngineConfiguration" />

   <bean id="repositoryService" factory-bean="processEngine" factory-method="getRepositoryService" />
   <bean id="runtimeService" factory-bean="processEngine" factory-method="getRuntimeService" />

   <!– BEGIN:Workflow components –>
   <bean id="msisdnLockManager" class="my.package.workflow.MSISDNLockManager" />
   <bean id="wfCreateOrder" class="my.package.workflow.processor.WFCreateOrder" />
   <!– END:Workflow components –>


Both the diagram are uploaded below. Subprocess is LockMSISDNProcess.bpmn file.

Could anyone help me to understand where is the problem?
Thanks in advance.