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Activiti History table causing slowness in activiti process

Question asked by anilknayak on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by shrey

we have been using activiti per 6 month with history enabled and we are using Oracle DB for the activiti, but recently got some performance issues.
following are the observations, what I got from the performance stand point while performance test of our application

we have seen that the records are growing in activiti history table, which is causing performance issues.
following are the statistics of activiti tables when we got the performance issues. Each execution is taking 12-17 second.

Table name : number records
ACT_RU_EXECUTION      :      23512
ACT_RU_TASK         :   11812
ACT_RU_VARIABLE      :   165008

Table name : number records
ACT_HI_PROCINST      :   745489
ACT_HI_ACTINST      :   18169298
ACT_HI_TASKINST      :   3769590
ACT_HI_VARINST      :   9711507

with the above number of record in table, our process execution is very slow. but with the below statistics our application running exceptionally faster like each processes is executing in some millisecond .
We have deleted most records from the history table.

Table name : deleted number records
ACT_HI_PROCINST           :  87648
ACT_HI_ACTINST           :  2134173
ACT_HI_TASKINST           :  445314
ACT_HI_VARINST           :  1141642

could you please give us some suggestion for this slowness. we are having a very critical application. which need to be fixed.
our data can grow 100 time as we have today, going forward