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Kickstart in activiti eclipse plugin

Question asked by drisschelouati on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by drisschelouati

iam really new to BPMN and wish to promote it in my own country, as its just the beginning for ECM and BPM platforms out here. I started using the activiti eclipse designer to fit my needs on alfresco. I started working on the excellent Jeff Potts Advanced workflow tutorial at ecm architect and i found it a bit hard for a start but nevermind.

I also discovered that there was a simple way to create processes and forms as Kickstart project. I followed the example shown by Joram at the Alfresco 2013 summit and made it work properly (eventhow i noticed a dropdown list bug that has already been referenced).

I tried creating other simple workflows, but i get an error when i try to export the project. It is likely that i made some mistakes in my process but after checking everything (and it seems fine), i still get the exception preventing it from being exported. As kickstart doesnt point the kind of mistake that was made, its quite hard to get your hands on it.

So here is my question: i dont want to bother anyone with annoying beginner questions, so iam asking if there is any kickstart-specific documentation for the activiti eclipse plugin?

Thank you!