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Unknown property used in expression

Question asked by hari on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by jbarrez

I am developing a simple feedback process where in there are two user tasks. Once the process is started, a task will go to user1 to fill some details. After submission by user1, a new task will be created for user2 with the details entered by user1. User2 can either approve or reject and can provide his own feedback. If its rejected and feedback is provided, the task must go back to user1 to modify the information.

I get Unknown property used in expression when trying to implement this.

My hurdles here

1) Hide and show a field based on if there is data for it. ( at user1 if feedback is there show it else hide it)
2) Can I show or hide a field based on whats selected in a different field (say for example, I should show reject reason or feedback only if the user is rejecting)

Please provide your inputs how I can deal with this scenario.

I am using Eclipse to build this and deploying it into Activiti explorer.