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Dynamic async flows

Question asked by mreiterer on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by spartan
Hi all,

i'm new to activiti and trying to figure out the best way to model my requirements, but did not succeed up to now.

My Requirements:

Step 1: Call external system

Step 2: receive message from external system, message can be of 2 different types: "fileReveived", "success"
The "fileReceived" message can be delivered x-times by the external system, every message should trigger an async flow. (long running and therefore should be executed in parallel).
The "success" message is delivered after all "fileReceived" calls, after receiving "success" the main flow should check if all sub flows are ended and the proceed to the next steps ..

I tried to model the sub-flow as an event subprocess, which is triggered by a message event, but after triggering the subprocess from the main flow via messageEventReveived the whole process instance is ended.

Thanks in advance,