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Creating custom form types that can hold multiple values.

Question asked by sirreginald on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by sirreginald
I'm currently dynamically rendering forms in my web app by by outputting html based on the formProperty type, using jstl
e.g. <c:if test="${formProperty.getType() == 'string'"> <input type="text"…etc.
I currently use the form type "enum" when I want to render a dropdown list i.e. <select><option>etc. This isn't helpful though when I eant to use the enum values as check boxes or radio buttons or other such types.
So what I basically what to know is how to create a form type that basically acts like an enum, i.e. you can fill in the form properties in activiti designer and access them through formProperty. So I could have one called "checkbox" for example that outputs checkboxes to html.
I hope I'm making sense. I tried creating my own form type and I followed Joram's tutorial but I'm honestly just lost as I'm only new to java and processes in general.