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Using expressions in Time Cycle of Timer Start Event

Question asked by andrealuciano71 on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by jbarrez

  I tried to define the Time Cycle property of a Timer Start Event as an expression calling a bean method.

  The purpose is to avoid hard-coding the cron expression in the diagram but also to read the configuration at Activiti startup, so that it would be possible to change a new schedulation without redeploying the diagram.

  Unfortunately for me Activiti BPM resolves the expression in Time Cycle only once, that is when the BPM diagram is redeployed and the relevant timer job gets created.

    Is there a solution to avoid redeploying the diagram just to change the schedulation underlying a Timer Start Event?
    The first idea that came to me was to give completely up the use of Timer Start Event in favor of an external scheduler such as Quartz.

    The second chance was to continue with the approach of expression in Time Cycle property and trigger a redeploy of the process on the time configuration changes.

     Another possibility could be to rebuild the Timer Job associated to the process.

    Has anyone else out there faced a similar problem?