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Eclipse Update Site - expired certificate

Question asked by krulls on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by krulls
Hello activiti team,

recently I tried to use the activiti designer plugin for Eclipse. I followed the guide: or

this is the according update site:

but our infrastructure refuses to download the necessary (JAR) files because of expired end certificates.

here is the explicit message: "[JSCAN] End certificate expired: File blocked" that I get when trying to download i. e.

I guess this is related to the following statement from

"Because signing certificates typically expire annually, this caused customers significant problems by forcing them to re-sign deployed JAR files annually."

our infrastructure provider uses the software IWSVA from TrendMicro ( to validate Java artifacts. See and

the question is: do you have to provide a (new) valid eclipse plugin update site? or do I have to inspect and check the IWSVA for outdated routines of checking Java artifacts?

kind regards

stephan krull