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LDAP Integration

Question asked by hari on May 20, 2015
Hi All,

As many people here, I was also trying to integrate Apache DS LDAP with Activiti Explorer.
I went through the User guide and have done the things exactly in the way it was mentioned there.
Attached is the Activiti-custom-context xml file.

When the configuration is perfect, atleast thats what I believe, I do not see any errors on the console when I have it like this.
When I change the configuration like giving an invalid user DN or invalid base-DN, I am able to see the errors in the console. i.e Tomcat console or in the log file.

                <property name="user" value="uid=admin,ou=system" />
                <property name="password" value="secret" />

                <property name="baseDn" value="ou=users,o=activiti" />

Now with the attached file, I do not see any errors in console but when I try to login in the explorer, the explorer pops up an error saying invalid user id or password.

I have verified many times the id and password to be valid.
I created new users as well with a very well known easy passwords but still explorer pops up message invalid id or password.

Need your views and suggestions what I could be missing or how I can get out of this situation.