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Multi-tenancy support in the explorer

Question asked by dvk78 on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by yvoswillens
In the user-guide I see that there is support for multi-tenancy. However, while uploading a process-definition the explorer UI does not present me a way by which I can specify the tenantId.
Q) Does the explorer have any support for multi-tenancy?
Q) If not, is anything in the pipeline?

I also tried a hack to specify the tenantId by updating the ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT table record appropriately. Looks like the explorer does not do any filtering based on the tenantId and shows all the deployments. However the REST call returned proper data when the query parameter was specified.
Q) Also, when I start the process, the tenantId does not seem to be inherited in the process-instance and consequently the tasks as well. Is that because of the hack and some other table also needs to be updated?