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Throwing an exception from a signal() method

Question asked by dstone_dalet_com on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by pmesmeur

We are currently extending TaskActivityBehavior to implement a ServiceTask that submits a long running job to our system and waits to be signaled when the job has completed.  During the submission (the execute() method) we can throw a regular or BpmnError exception which will cause the process to error or transition into an BPMN error path. 

I'm aware that this behavior isn't currently supported in the signal() method.  Throwing an exception from signal() doesn't cause the process to error or take an error transition path.  (see & JIRA issue

Is there any way we can work around this?  Is it seen as an issue?  Can we help to try and fix the issue? We need to throw an exception / error the process when a job failed message is received.  I realise that it should be possible to split the submit job and receive into discrete activities in a sub-process but we are reluctant to expose this complexity in our system.  Are we going about this the wrong way?
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