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Multi Tenancy Activiti

Question asked by r_g on May 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by r_g
Hello everybody,

First i'm sorry for my bad englisch, it isn't my mother tongue.
i'm raphael and i'm working on my masterthesis at the moment to finish my studies.
The subject of this thesis is to analyse a process engine and his ability of multi tenancy and for this i'm trying to analyze activiti and his multi tenancy and try to find out whats necessary to implement  multi tenancy or to describe the concepts who are necessary that multi tenancy is full implement in the acitiviti engine.

I 've got now a few questions about activiti itself and the multi tenancy or the implemented multi tenancy of activiti.

First i'm trying to understand in which enviroment activiti ca be used. I already have change with the activiti.war the database and used the explorer and the rest api, so i'm getting familar with the toolset of activiti.
1) But when i only will use acitivit with JVM and not in a webcontainer, can i only write some junit test, to test the processes or can i also use directly the avitiviti engine to execute the processes ?
2)Or it is always necessary to build the acitiviti jar  and to drop it in the web archive so that a container can execute this ?

3) I have read that the multi tenancy of activiti can not be used in a web container like tomcat, is that true ? 

4) To get a result for my thesis(a little bit code), i would like to construct an enviroment in which acitiviti multi tenancy is full used. What's necessary for that ?
My Goal is to implement or to use a process and then connect this process to different architectual styles of multi tenancy, if this is possible. But if this is not possible, what must be probalbly changed that this would be possible or which is the reason that this isn't possible?

5)Are there enywhere some coding examples which describe the intern of activiti ? or some more examples except the blog from jbarrez? I Would like to see more coding examples of activiti..
or some others papers or work which has already analyse the activiti engine?

thanks for answearing!