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Process Instance is deleted then it is still running !

Question asked by javacorner on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by martin.grofcik

please find the ProcessInstance=29323 is deleted at 10:13 then it is still running at 10:27 :

1)Mon Jun 01 10:13:16 2015 INFO  InmaEventListener - ACTIVITI An existing entity is deleted. Entity=ProcessInstance[29323]

2)Mon Jun 01 10:27:58 2015 ERROR InmaEventListener - ACTIVITI The execution of a job has failed. EntityId=29326 ,JobHandlerType=async-continuation ,ProcessInstanceId=29323

For your information
1) we setup activiti frame work inside WAS 8.5.5 in cluster mode .
2) this Process executes "call activity" in synchronize mode. 
3)this logs above are from ActivitiEventListener

please find attached log