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Rigth way to get a form defined in process definition by REST

Question asked by zloy on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by zloy
I got the task Id and I need to supply frontend with form content

As far as I see I need to perform such data retrieval steps:

1. <b>Get</b> task by its Id, e.g. /runtime/tasks/95094
2. Pick from task form_key = task['formKey'] and proc_def_url = task['processDefinitionUrl']
3. <b>Get</b> proc_def from /repository/process-definitions/VacationProcess%3A1%3A93960
4. <b>Get</b> deployment resources by proc_def["deploymentUrl"] /repository/deployments/93951/resources
5. Find a proper resource by form_key and pick its url
6. <b>Get</b> form data from resource url, e.g. /repository/deployments/93951/resourcedata/handle_request.yaml

Is that serie of 4 <b>GET</b>'s right way to retrieve task form content for given task id?