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Java Appplication crash/ Activity class not found exception

Question asked by d-fnc on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by d-fnc

I'm currently trying to restart-proof my application that uses Activiti, but can't seem to understand the restart mechanism for Activiti completely.

I'm not decided about the deployment 100% as for in development state, im deploying my application via Jetty, but the Activity runs on a tomcat server. When there is an active instance of a process started from java, and Jetty runs, everything works well. But if i stop the java application(shoot down jetty), obviously the process wont be able to keep running, because the context of the job disappears(no JVM), and the retry counter goes to 0 after 3, so when i start up the jetty again, the process won't continue running.

The problem occurs, when i try to retry the job after i start Jetty again. It still says, that it cannot see the Application Context. I'm not sure how to resolve this.

My other idea for deployment is to run the application on the same tomcat server as the Activiti explorer, but i'm not sure whether or not that will help my situation at all.

If you could give me some pointers on how to step over this gap, it would be greatly appreciated.

ps.: thanks for the tremendous amount of work you put into Activiti.

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