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How to generate complete Process Diagram without shapes for the sequence flows?

Question asked by mforactiviti on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by mforactiviti

I have a bpmn file with all the process elements and correspoding "Diagram" (Di) elements except for the Di elemets for the sequenceFlows (so no BPMNEdge elements). When I open the bpmn file with Activiti Diagram editor, the sequence flows (the arrows) are displayed ok. So somehow these BPMNEdge elements are generated maybe. When I try to generate a process image from this bpmn file calling "generateDiagram" of "DefaultProcessDiagramGenerator", it doesn't generate any BPMNEdge elements, so I get a png file with all the elements (tasks, gateways…) but no sequence flows.

Could you please tell me how I can generate these BPMNEdge elemenets out of the current info in the BPMN file? Or how I can generate a diagram that displays the  "arrows" of the sequence flows? Or what function does Activiti Diagram Editor use to render the process nicely despite the fact that the BPMNEdge elems are not there for the sequence flows in the process?

Thank you!