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Question asked by ivandimaro on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by yvoswillens
my company is looking for a workflow engine to use in our applications, but, after having read most of the User Guide, we have not yet been able to understand if Activiti fulfill our needs.
This could be our typical scenario:
1.       The user request a function in our Web Application (JEE)
2.       The system start a business process designed in Activiti
3.       Each step of the process open a form in our Web Application by invoking a URL and passing some input parameters
4.       The process engine understand if the step has been completed based  on output parameters or calling a Web Service to know the state of the process instance

Is it  possibile to associate a task to an URL to open a form produced by our web application? Can you give me some reference to the documentation where it’s described how to do it? Or even some sample code?

A last note: the Activiti FAQ ( states:
"In the forseeable future, […] Activiti will be leveraged to build […] pageflow that models the navigation between pages in a webapp".
It seems exactly what I'm looking for…