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Error when executing eventListener

Question asked by johan_l on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by martin.grofcik
Hello I have a problem with a event listener that fails when an timer runs out.

Runs on Jboss Wildfly and Java EE (no spring)

Event listener:
      <activiti:eventListener id="statusLyssnare" delegateExpression="${statusLyssnare}"  events="TASK_CREATED" />

this is the timer that runs out:

<boundaryEvent id="kommuniceringstimer" name="Timer för kommuniceringsperiod" attachedToRef="kommuniceringsperiod" cancelActivity="true">

This is the signature of the listener

public class StatusLyssnare implements ActivitiEventListener {

It works now and then but most of the time it fails…

Process does not advance to the next task since we have "isFailOnException" set to true

Logs are silent but in ACT_RU_JOBS - EXCEPTION_MSG_ it says "Exception while executing event-listener"

When debugging execution never reaches breakpoint in listener so i guess it has something with the lookup to do.

It works fine on other transitions but this one seems problematic…

Anyone that has an idea?