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Workflow process with scheduled job

Question asked by beginneractiviti on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2015 by vasile.dirla
Hello experts,

I need to have your inputs on how to accomplish the following scenario.

Scenario -
Step-1 - User starts a workflow.
Step-2 - As soon as workflow is started, I need to send the uploaded file to external location.
Third party application will take the file from that location and will process it and then puts back the processed file to the same external location and updates an entry in external database. Processing by third party application may take some time.
Step-3 - Need to have a scheduled job that constantly monitor the database if new entries have been added or not, if entry is found then take the respective file from the external location.
Step-4 - Read the result file and if it is not as expected, send the task back to initiator. Else, send the task for further approval.

Now, my question here is -
In step-2, i can write a listener or a service task which will upload the file to external location. Is that correct?
However, how to achieve step-3? How can i have a job that will keep monitoring the external db for new entries and then read the file from the external location?

Looking forward to your inputs on how to proceed with this scenario implementation.