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Switch running process instances to newer Process-Model-Version

Question asked by stephan.bauer on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by stephan.bauer

I have read
In our case, we have 3 deployed Versions of the business process.

All relevant instances are currently waiting in an Event-Gateway, and the Event-GW still exists in the latest version. The cookbook described at the bottom of the above topic, doesn't fit exactly, because in our case it's not "act_ru_task" that needs to be updated, but "act_ru_execution". I am aware of the fact, that there are 2 executions for each process instance. The simple question is: Is it really sufficient to just update the proc_def_id_ of all these entries in "act_ru_execution" to the value of the latest process modell version?

We are using Activiti 16.3.

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