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Get all userTask formProperty values for all tasks

Question asked by thevanoman on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by thevanoman
Hello. I need help. I have a lot of started processes. And in every process i have several tasks like this:

<userTask id="submit" name="Submit vacation request" …>
          <activiti:formProperty id="actions" name="actions" type="enum" variable="action" required="true">
            <activiti:value id="submit" name="Submit request"></activiti:value>
            <activiti:value id="update" name="Update request"></activiti:value>
            <activiti:value id="delete" name="Delete request"></activiti:value>

I need to get all values of formProperty "actions" for every task where some user is assignee or candidate for several processes (maximum 50)

I need something like
    process_instance_id1 :
            -value1  (of formProperty with id = 'actions')
    process_instance_id2 :

For input i have only ids of processes.
I  know that for one process I can do this:

    List<Task> tasks = createTaskQueryForAssigneeOrCandidate(userId, processInstanceId).list();
    for (Task task: tasks) {
        List<FormProperty> formProperties = formService.getTaskFormData(task.getId()).getFormProperties();

    private NativeTaskQuery createTaskQueryForAssigneeOrCandidate(final String userId, final String processInstanceId) {
        final StringBuilder query = new StringBuilder();
        query.append("SELECT * FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT ON (TASK.name_) * FROM ");
        query.append(" TASK left join ");
        query.append(" IDENTITY_LINK on IDENTITY_LINK.TASK_ID_ = TASK.ID_");
        query.append(" WHERE (TASK.ASSIGNEE_ = #{userName} OR (IDENTITY_LINK.TYPE_ = 'candidate' and IDENTITY_LINK.USER_ID_ = #                                        {userName})) ");
        query.append("AND TASK.proc_inst_id_ = #{processInstanceId}) result ORDER BY result.priority_ DESC");
        final NativeTaskQuery taskQuery = taskService.createNativeTaskQuery();
        taskQuery.parameter(USER_PARAMETER_NAME, userId);
        taskQuery.parameter("processInstanceId", processInstanceId);
        return taskQuery;