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More than one icon on custom element and custom export formats

Question asked by rmeier on Jul 17, 2015
Hi everybody,

is it possible to custom develop the following functionality into activity designer:

1. is it possible to develop a custom element based on the user task with the following additional functionality:

Additional properties:
- two radio button on the general properties tab. If you activate one or two of these radio buttons than one or two additional icons should be get visible on the element in the designer, to see visual that these radio buttons are activated. If all are activated, than you should have three icons in left upper corner of the element in the designer. (Additional icons to the little man)
- new properties text boxes which should be exported in xml but will not be used by the automatic process engine rather only as information

2. Additional export functionality
- Develop a own export functionality to export the visual part in a CSV table. Is it possible to develop own export formats from the designer?

Before I try to implement this, I would like to know if it is possible at all.

Thanks for your help.