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Create my own templates of tasks

Question asked by zivm on Jul 23, 2015
I need to customize the designer of the process diagram according to my application, i want to add new group named for example "My application tasks" that appear below the "Activities" group and will contain custom user tasks named for example "Application user task1","Application user task2" etc. each of that task will have a predefined set of form properties, for example "Application user task1" will contain "first name" and "last name" string property and "Application user task2" will contain string "phone" property.
Im also needed to do that for a service task, so each different service task will have a different "class" value.
Its very important that the user will be able to define a new process and compose that process from that custom task that i descrive above, so when he will drag his choosen custom task, the right form property (in case of user task) or the right class (in case of service task) will authomatically shown.
i try to edit the stencilset.json file and i add a new node named "Application user task1" by clonning the basic "UserTask" and when i changed the  "Application user task1" propertyPackages list it change also property packages for all the other user tasks and i want them to be seperated , so i change it id of the cloned task to "ApplicationUserTask1" instead of "UserTask", and they become seperated as i want but then i got a red error when i tried to deploy a process that contain my custom task, the error was : create of bpmn xml failed, error while parsing: [validating set: 'activiti-executable-process' | problem: 'activiti-process-definition-not-executable']:All process definition are set non-executable (property 'isExecuteable' on process). this is not allowed.-extra info:],
Can some one guide me what is the right way to do that?
Thanks alot.