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couldn't instantiate class message in ACT_RU_JOB, but no exception thrown in Tomcat

Question asked by ctri on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by vasile.dirla

I am using the Activiti Explorer in order to deploy my process and I trigger its execution by using the REST api (both activiti-explorer and activiti-rest share the same database). The first task in my process is an async Java Service Task. I am pretty sure that the corresponding class is contained in a jar that's in the right places i.e. %catalina_home%/webapps/activiti-explorer/WEB-INF/lib and %catalina_home%/webapps/activiti-rest/WEB-INF/lib.
The problem is that sometimes (not always) some process executions freeze in this very first task but no exception is thrown (at least it is not visible in Tomcat's console/logs). However, I am able to see some exception messages in the ACT_RU_JOB table: couldn't instantiate class my.package.InitTask
I am using Activiti 5.16.1, Tomcat 8.0.14 and JDK 1.8.25

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