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Populating a start-form with values

Question asked by mikeblum on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by jbarrez
I'm looking to do the following scenario:

1. An application creates a map of keys and values that match the field-ids in an Activiti start-form.
2. We bring the user to Activiti and show them the start-form populated with the passed in values.

Looking at the documentation I can programatically fetch and complete a start-form with:

GET api/enterprise/process-definitions/{process-definition-id}/start-form

followed by POST api/enterprise/process-instances

But I don't want to start the process instance until the user has seen this view (mocked up):


I think this will involve this url that I see when manually starting a process with a start-form:


1. Is there a way to route to a particular process instance start form like the is with task-ids and process-instance-ids in the Enterprise app?

2. How would we pass things like strings, dates, file ids from the Activiti file upload endpoints?

It looks like the Share Connector can do this.