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TimerBoundaryEvent using Asynchronous Job Executor

Question asked by jwvicke on Aug 4, 2015
I have created a simple process as follows:

- Start Event flows into subprocess A
- subprocess A has a Start Event that flows into Service Task B
- Service Task B goes into a loop from 0 to 99, sleeping for 1 second each iteration, and printing the current count of the loop
- subprocess A has a flow out into an End Event
- subprocess A also has a TimerBoundaryEvent attached to it, with a flow to another Service Task C that simply prints out it was called and flows to an End Event.

I have a pretty plain configuration with Spring Boot. 


1.) The timeout event seems to be off by a significant factor, about 6 seconds on my system.  This is seen by looking at when the printout for Service Task C is called.  Perhaps this is the time it takes to create and call Service Task C?

2.) More importantly, I have the property "Cancel activity" set to "True" for the TimerBoundaryEvent, however, the looping process (Service Task B) continues to run.  Service Task B is set as "Asynchronous".  Is there a way to make a TimerBoundaryEvent actually kill an asynchronous process when it has exceeded its time?