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Boundary Event on Call Activity — what happens when called process completes

Question asked by sergey.p on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2015 by vasile.dirla
I'm trying to achieve the following with this scheme:


1) If everything goes normal, after Task One is executed, and the called-process triggered by Call Activity is completed, user arrives at Task Two.

2) If after executing Task One, called-process triggered by Call Activity is not finished, and the boundary signal is thrown, then user arrives to Task Two without waiting for the called-process to finish.

My problem is, that during scenario 2, if called-process completes at some point after main process is already completed, user still arrives at an active Task Two, even if "cancelActivity = true" for the boundary event.

Is this proper behavior?
If yes, is adding additional check upon e.g. process variable a practical way to implement the process?


I'm asking because I'm new, and not sure if this is the appropriate/easiest way to solve such a task.