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How to Test activiti-rest

Question asked by maxbaba on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2015 by maxbaba

[1] Here is my overall set-up details in Alfresco Activiti Enterprise edition:

I installed 'activiti-app', 'activiti-admin' and 'activiti-rest' apps.

'activiti-admin' has been configured to access 'jdbc/activitiAdminDS'

'activiti-app' and 'activiti-rest' are configured to access the same JNDI datasource 'jdbc/activitiDS'

Both the above datasources are defined in server.xml of tomcat with  'Resource-Links' in tomcat's context.xml

I have added a  'Resource-Ref' to web.xml of 'activiti-rest' app.

[2] Now when I use Chrome's Advanced Rest Client and Call with token authorization

GET http://<baseurl/context-root>/activiti-rest/api/repository/process-definitions, I get the following:

Response: 404 Not Found

[3] FYI: The userid and pwd I use for token authorization have tenant-admin/manager access

Can anyone please help shed light on why I'm not seeing any process definitions in my response?

-Thanks for reading.