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Process definition diagram and bpmn20.xml issues

Question asked by tj1 on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by tj1
Hi guys.

I am using springboot Activiti. After deployment process definition diagrams are not generated and no exception is thrown. Regarding: diagram should be generated when link to it is not provided.

REST api query /repository/process-definitions on Windows server:

"resource": "http://localhost:8080/repository/deployments/1/resources/C:\\DEV\\java\\spring-boot-activiti-example-master\\target\\classes\\processes\\testProcess.bpmn20.xml"

"diagramResource": http://localhost:8080/repository/deployments/1/resources/C:\\DEV\\java\\spring-boot-activiti-example-master\\target\\classes\\processes\\testProcess.testProcess.png
In that C drive location all processes *.bpmn20.xml exists, but why that path is added? Should they be accesable via network?
Unfortunately diagrams even doesn't exist in that location..

REST api query /repository/process-definitions on Linux server.
         "resource": "http://remoteLinuxServer/repository/deployments/1/resources/testProcess.bpmn20.xml",
         "diagramResource": "http://remoteLinuxServer/repository/deployments/1/resources/testProcess.testProcess.png"

Links looks ok, but neither resource, neither diagramResource are opened (diagramResource  I asume not even generated). Error:
"Whitelabel Error Page

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

Thu Aug 06 22:39:06 CEST 2015
There was an unexpected error (type=Not Acceptable, status=406).
Not Acceptable"

Maybe someone has an idea what could be wrong? Maybe I lack permissions or I need to define location of *.bpmn20.xml files explicitly? Or it's activiti issue with springboot or something?

P.S. Process instace diagrams are generated well. Does the process definition and process instance diagrams are using different image generation engines?