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Question asked by engywook on Aug 8, 2015
I'm in the process of upgrading from 5.15.1 to 5.18. We use the Activiti/Camel integration extensively. I notice there's a recent change to ActivitiProducer ( to use EXECUTION_ID_PROPERTY, and that is breaking my process.

In my case, I have two executions, but only one instance of the wait activity that I need to signal. Execution 1 always creates the activity and execution 2 always signals it. By default it seems the EXECUTION_ID_PROPERTY is passed through the exchange so ActivitiProducer uses the execution id and is never able to find the waiting activity since the execution id is different. Previously, the process instance id was used and the activity was always found.

I can add code to remove the EXECUTION_ID_PROPERTY from the camel exchange before ActivityProducer is invoked. But is there is a better way I should handle this change?