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Call a Signal event or a Message event from REST APIs

Question asked by prakashm88 on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2015 by rallen1
I have a model process, attached with the thread. All I wanted to achieve is to have a parallel flow which could complete the flow by a signal/message thrown outside of the engine, through REST API (Only).

In the attached process, I have the process instance which waits in user task, signal task and a message task. I could claim and complete the user task. But I am not sure how I could complete the process with the Message or Signal events.

Pls Note I want to use only REST APIs from Initiation to completion of the tasks.

I used the PUT method on the API,  http://localhost:7001/activiti-rest/service/runtime/executions/5006

  "action": "messageEventReceived",
  "messageName": "msgEvntId"


  "signalName" : "testSignal"



But none of the above worked on the process instance.

I get response message as follows

{"message":"Internal server error","exception":"Execution with id '5006' does not have a subscription to a message event with name 'msgEvntId'"}

Please let know if I am missing something in the process, also let know how i could achieve the same. Thanks in advance.