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Unable to complete User Task

Question asked by yisa on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by yisa
For some reasons, I am unable to complete a user task if the following service task polls for a file.

I have 2 tasks. The first task is a user task and the second task is a service task that invokes an external Java class. The Java class polls for a file and once the file is found, it does something. When I try to complete the user task in Activiti Explorer, the screen hangs if the Java class is polling. Once the Java class finds the file it's looking for and continues with the rest of execution, the user task is completed.

This is unexpected because I would think the first user task should be able to be completed regardless the state of the next task. Why is it while the next service task is waiting/polling for input, the user task is not allowed to be completed?

Is there a setting I'm missing? This behavior is the same in Explorer and when completing the task using RESTful calls.

Any input or suggestion is much appreciated.