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Activiti Process Diagram is half visible

Question asked by bhagyashreek on Aug 17, 2015
I have generated the process diagram using the following code which highlights the current stage of the workflow

ProcessEngineConfiguration engineConfiguration = processEngine.getProcessEngineConfiguration();
ProcessDiagramGenerator diagramGenerator = engineConfiguration.getProcessDiagramGenerator();
List<String> activeAtivityIds = runtimeService.getActiveActivityIds(String.valueOf(processInstanceID));
      String processDefinitionId = taskService.createTaskQuery().processInstanceId(String.valueOf(processInstanceID))
      BpmnModel bpmnModel = repositoryService.getBpmnModel(processDefinitionId);
      InputStream processDiagram = diagramGenerator.generateDiagram(bpmnModel, "png", activeAtivityIds);
      BufferedImage image =;

Im able to generate the process diagram, but the process diagram is half visible as attached in the screenshot.

PS : I have attached the text file which contains the process diagram generated using the above code which is in byte array format
After converting the byte array to image, the process diagram is half visible as, i cant see the third user task in my diagram.