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I need some jars which activiti needs for compiling

Question asked by hc on Aug 27, 2015
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Please help me !
My boss asked me to update the activiti sourceCode to support the Sybase databases. I downloaded the sourceCode,  set up a mavenlib and nexus server and began to download the jars which the sourceCode need.  Firstly  it downloaded well,but some time later I found some jars could not be downloaded. then i tried some repository address such as " ", i   still can not  found some jars such as " ",i can get the jars such as "stax-utils-20040917.jar","stax-utils-20100402.tar.gz" , but i just can not get the right version i need. And there are still many jars i can not obtain from the nexus central repositories and from the repository " ". what can i do ? Help me ……

i got a png image ,i changed its name to txt,and uploaded it .i hope someone can help me .3q~