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Best practices for designing business process

Question asked by soaguy on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2015 by pmsevestre
Hello folks,
                I am new to Activiti and I have installed v5.18. I have some specific question around how to accomplish certain things in Activiti.

1. Is it a best practice to declare Spring beans and use them as global variables to pass around in the context of a process?
2. How do I gain visibility into what gets passed around (like for e.g. auditing trail) for an object from the explorer? This is valuable for supporting the processes from a production standpoint. Do I need to convert objects to xml model and make them available from the explorer to accomplish this?
3. Once an instance in completed, there is no visibility into the variables. Is that something that can be turned on/off?
4. For making an integration using REST, SOAP, JMS etc, the java delegate service task must be used I guess. With every integration comes the transformation effort to map to target format the request/response.  How is this accomplished? Is java XSLT api approach preferred over java binding approach?
5. What is the standard practice to pass data from parent BP to a standalone BP? Like lots of data. It is cumbersome to declare input/output parameters for all data that needs to be passed.
6. How do I handle faults in a more generic manner at engine level (not the process-centric error handling) i.e. can i catch the faults at engine level and then bubble to a process instance which raised it in the first place?
7.  How do I externalize artifacts that might be environment specific? For e.g. xsd, external wsdl etc. I guess you can always serve them up as http resource from a directory. Is there a better approach?
8. We have huge investment in XML based workflow (Oracle Fusion) and have lots of wsdls, xsds, XSLTs etc.  How best can we leverage that with Activiti which seems to be very java-centric?

Like I said, I am new, so please forgive me if I misstated anything.
Keep up the good work…
Thanks much