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Question about : Activiti and  Alfresco for Master Thesis

Question asked by adiman on Sep 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by jbarrez

I'm from Germany and writing  my Master thesis about open source Workflow managament Systems, can  somebody help me and answer the following questeion?

-How many Edition do you have? Is therere other edition for beside the Communtiy Edition? (like enterprice edition etc.)

-who is the Owner of  activiti? Is it Alfresco? or the community?

-For which industries  sector is activiti good for? is there any special industries? or can i use activiti for every business?

-Is activit for big , middle or  litle businesses?  or all of them?

-How many custommer use  activiti?
-Who are the reference customer of activiti  ? (important company that use activiti)
-How many user can use activiti at the same time

I hope u can help me.

best regards