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Activiti 6 Beta issue

Question asked by ncoonghe on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by jbarrez
When creating new user and group using Activiti 6 app (gui), the user and group information seems to go only to the USERS and GROUPS table and not into ACT_ID_USER and ACT_ID_GROUP tables. This is causing an issue when I try to create and start a process outside of the app (gui) using the BPMN platform API externally through an interfacing application. The interfacing app starts a process that assigns the task to a user from a group, but when viewing though the Activiti 6 GUI there is no process associated with the group and hence the logged in user cannot claim the task.

It seems the  ACT_ID_USER and ACT_ID_GROUP tables are not used while the platform API is expecting to use these tables. Creating a process using the GUI its self probably works, but this beats the purpose since the engine API when used does not seem to associate the the task to the group.

With Activiti 5.17 it works like a charm, but Activiti 6.0 seems to have broken some of the basic functionality. Can some one  let me know what the issue is.