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Subprocess or Call Activiti

Question asked by jindal8787 on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by trademak
Hi guys

We have the following requirements. Need your help in deciding the final approach -

1. One main process (only one process instance to be created per year)
2. One sub-process to be started from the second-last task of the main process.
3. The sub-process can have thousands of instances created.
4. Main process should continue only when all the sub-process instance close.

Sample Requirement Flow -
1. Main process starts (total 3 tasks)
2. 2 out of 3 tasks completed
3. 1000 instances of sub-process started
4. 1000 instances of sub-process ended
5. 3rd task of main process completed.

Please suggest what is the best approach for the above requirement. A sample will be much appreciated.