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Issue with a multi instance finishing

Question asked by jsueiras on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by jsueiras
I have got a multi instance call to a subprocess including a finishing condition flag.

  From one  the  subprocess being called that flag maybe set in the parent process which causes the other subprocesses in the multi-instance to finish , and that works fine (sometimes…)
     the subprocess has a couple of user-tasks and I realized that once you have performed some in one of the process if the flag is set to terminate in a different instance this causes foreign key violations when trying to terminate the rest.

     Specifically on the table act_ru_task, and the foreign keys are , act_fk_task_exe and  act_fk_task_procinst.

    Changing the foreign keys to On delete cascade gets rid of the issue.., but that may be too drastic?

    I am using version 5.18