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Assigning Task Watchers for User Tasks

Question asked by ebbinvarghese on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by martin.grofcik

Is there a provision for adding watchers to user tasks ?

Scenario :
I have two tasks. A multi-instance user task 'Panel member assessment' (Task 1) , followed by a user task 'Panel chair assessment' (Task 2).
A listener to the create event of Task 1 is responsible for assigning a list of panel members to this task.
Each panel member completes their task and then it is the turn of the panel chair.
As per my understanding of multi-instance task the Panel chair will get his turn only after all panel members have completed their task or if the exit condition of the multi-instance task is satisfied. I would like the Panel chair to be able to view the status of Task 1 ( like how many panel members have completed the task … etc ) while Task 1 is still active.

Is it possible to include the panel chair as a watcher\monitor for Task 1 so that he will be able to view the status of Task 1 while it is active ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Apologies if this question doesn't make sense , I am new to BPM.