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Unable to retrieve content using REST API from Alfresco Activiti Trial Version

Question asked by akashdhruvc on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by jbarrez
Hi All

After I am uploading my attachments in Task Forms using the Task App in Alfresco Activiti App Trial Version, I am unable to retrieve the attachments using REST API. (REST API Reference used:

REST URLs I tried with, are given here: (Both used as GET Requests)

1. http://<username>:<password>@localhost:8080/activiti-app/api/enterprise/process-instances/17518/content

2. http://<username>:<password>@localhost:8080/activiti-app/api/api/enterprise/tasks/17523/content

I have checked from http://localhost:8080/activiti-admin/ as well and Process Instance ID = 17518 and TaskID (in which attachment was uploaded = 17523).

Response received on using either URL:

size: 0
total: 0
start: 0
data: [0]