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First activiti bpmn diagram

Question asked by daniio on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by martin.grofcik

I need help to design my first bpmn diagram. I'm not sure of a few things. I have Interesting book about that standard in Polish language and in this book I have something like "message end event". I understand it like event that ends process path and throws some message but I cannot find any description of that neither in documentation nor in eclipse plugin. There are only start events and intemediate events of that type. So my question is why and how can I do without it. I include my diagram below. It is simple logging process. Please have a look on this and give me some advise if I'm going well.

Process description:
Process should start with user task that fullfill registration form. After that process should end and throw message with filled data(missing element*). The next step should be data transfer beetween one pool and another and application process should react on thrown message. Next we have java class that write user data do database and if this process is longer then 5 sec the process should end with error signal. In other case activation mail should be send and after that the end element should send signal to start third process for user activation by clicking the link in email.