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Activiti 6 UI: What is the connection between Form properties &  Referenced Form

Question asked by fluidnotions on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by hai.nv3
I understand that process variables are from form properties by default.
I can't see how to connect the form input fields to defined form properties in a start event.

The only way I can get a form to appear on the start of a process application run is if I click the referenced form field in the process editor and the Form reference pop up window appears where I can create a new form which is then attached to the start event.

However I want the form input values to then be available as variables in the process (which are later used by a camel task - which is kinda irrelevant t to the question)

The form properties seem to be entirely separate from the referenced form. Even if I make the id's the same, the text input I place in the form is not contained in the process variables. I've stepped through the Camel behaviour code in a debugger and there just aren't any variables to add to the camel message body.

A clue on how this should work would be helpful in my reverse engineering efforts.