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Service Task could not be instantiated followed by a Boundary Timer Event on a User Task

Question asked by dinesh.babu.p on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by rajr1980
1) Activiti Eclipse Designer 5.14 plugin
2) Activiti 5.17 jars on the ClassPath
3) DB2 database
4) JDK1.8
5) Custom Web Application using Spring and apache-cxf REST service through JSON input

My requirement is as follows,
1) When a process is started it will come to a UserTask (Handle Request) where approver has to perform an action.
2) There are two timers (Boundary Timer Event) on the UserTask (Handle Request).
i) Reminder Notification timer (notificationTimer) for the task to be completed to approver through mail task
II) Auto decision timer (autoDecisionTimer) which has to cancel the approval task and move further in the process flow to ServiceTask

Problem is,
Both the timers working fine if i dont have ServiceTask block but however if i have ServiceTask next to auto decision timer (autoDecisionTimer) only the (notificationTimer) is working fine and the (autoDecisionTimer) is failing.
It seems like it is giving RANDOM ERRORS, very few times it working fine. The scenarios are as follows,

Following are the observations from the ACT_RU_JOB table ,
REV =  7 and Exception_MSG_ =  couldn't instantiate class
This is class in ServiceTask which implements JavaDelegate
LOCK_EXP_TIME_ has some time and LOCK_OWNER_ has some random alphabets
Everything is working fine without any issues.

I have attached my process file and configuration file along with this issue, please find the attachments and please help us to resolve this issue, unable to even predict the result every time while running the process