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Newbie multitenancy questions

Question asked by lossril on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by jwestra
I've read about multitenancy in Activiti and have some questions about it.
Okay, for example we might have two Activiti REST webapps connected to the same database where processes with two different tenantIDs are deployed.
1. How does webapp identify itself with tenantID? I didn't find anything in userguide which would point me where can I configure it. Or do I get the whole point of multitenancy incorrectly? From my point of view multitenancy is the state where two Activiti process engines use the same database but work only with processes which have the tenantID of the process engine.
2. Let's take we have two processes - one for tenantA, one for tenantB - both are started by the same message or signal. This message or signal happens in both process engines simultaneously. Do engines start only the process which is marked by correct tenant? What will happen if some process without tenantID is started by the same message/signal? Will both engines start it, or none?
3. Basically the same question for timed process instance creation.
I'm quite confused about it. If someone could explain it to me, would be awesome. Thanks in advance.