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Timer record in ACT_RU_JOB locked repeatedly

Question asked by jim1 on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by jbarrez
We have a fairly simple BPM which uses a timer to wait before creating a user task.

Start –> Timer Catching Event –> User Task –> End

We noticed that the user task wasn't becoming available at the point the timer expired, and on investigation found that the record for the timer in ACT_RU_JOB siting there with the lock_owner_ and lock_exp_time_ columns set.
Further watching shows that when the lock had expired, it was re-locked and again just sat there for the duration.

At some point after a number of these cycles the timer does seem to expire, with the task becoming available 15-90minutes after it should have been.

I've been unable to recreate this in a unit test so far, can see nothing obvious in the logs and was wondering if anyone could provide suggestions of what might be causing this?