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Adding a dedicated service task to activiti 6 ui kickstart editor palette

Question asked by fluidnotions on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by fluidnotions
I wrote an async service bean that can call services on our ERP via stomp/apollo broker as my first effort working with Activiti 6.0.0.Beta1.
The names of the service being called and required input I placed in execution variables via a form, referenced on the start event.

Now we'd like to make it easier for business analysts to create processes in the kickstart process editor, possibly by adding dedicated service task types to the palette. So they can drag n' drop the new activiti:type service task into the process editor and then fill in custom configuration parameters in the Properties panel of the visual editor.

That way they can add the name of the service there, required input via expressions for values that may have resulted from previous activities etc.
There may be another way to make things easy for the business analysts, I'm not sure. But using a start event referenced form, is a bit messy. Having a new dedicated service task seems the most appropriate way to allow them to configure a custom service task, in properties panel not through a form.

I have come across other people looking for ways to do this on the forum, but no answers. No info on what parts of the system to extend not in 6.0.0.Beta1 at least. Since I'm building on a beta version I'd rather not hack anything together, we want to be able to upgrade to the release when it comes out without hassles.

Can anyone give me some guidance on how I should go about doing this.
On the front end and back end.
Just some clues to get me started in the direction would be useful.