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Intermediate Catching Event ( Conditional )

Question asked by johnm on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by johnm
Hi Guys,

I've a question about Intermediate Catching Event's..

I am reading Real-Life BPMN (by Freund and Rucker), and they talk about "Conditional" which is a type of Intermediate Catching Event. I would like to use this concept, (whereby the process waits (perhaps a long time .. days) until some condition is met.

What we are trying to do, is have the pprocess wait (with no user intervention.. so no user tasks here), until some
conditon is met. The condition we want is: the result of some java function call is true.

(detail: the actual function will execute sql to count something in our database .. when count 0 return true, we want the process to continue.. we expect some days to pass before count will be zero)

I see in your book, and in your examples there is Intermediate Catch Event's .. can I use these somehow? We are using Activiti 5.14, is this supported?

Tijs, in your book in Section B.2.2, you give overview on "Conditional sequence flow".. is this equivalent?
Does the process actually wait (indefinitly) until the condition is true? If yes, could I use this to achieve
our goal ?

Hope you can help/advise

Thanks & regards