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How to stop timer boundary event?

Question asked by neo1 on Oct 31, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by neo1
  We have a requirement to send Escalation notification if sub-process workflow doesn't response by certain time duration. Here is implementation.
  1) Timer boundary event to attache to main workflow, and the 'cancelActivity="false"'.
  2) A Java service task which send escalation notification email to supervisor, which is connect to Timer boundary event
  3) Sub-process workflow connects to a Parallel gateway
  4) The 2) java service task connects to the Parallel gateway as well

  1) The sub-process workflow completes before Timer duration

  1) Workflow stop at the Parallel gateway to wait for Timer boundary event branch to reach the gateway

  1) Timer boundary event should be skip because attached sub-process completes

  We cannot set the 'cancelActivity="true"' because our requirement need sub-process still can continue. We also tried to delete the timer job, but it doesn't work.

  How do we cancel/stop timer boundary event when attached sub-process complete?